I Am A Retired Athlete...What Now?

I authored this book six years after facing the harsh unexpected struggle with no longer being a competitive athlete; and realizing I was not alone. In your life beyond sport you may be feeling lost—the “Who am I and what do I do now?” syndrome. You may feel like something is missing, or that any new venture isn’t quite the same as being an athlete. You might feel unfulfilled, bored, depressed, lost, confused, or nostalgic.

This ‘roll up your sleeves and get back in the game [of life]’ workbook is designed to guide you through The Five Secrets in winning at life beyond sport. Get excited about the beginning assessment, wisdom, exercises, celebrity interviews and point system within each of the Five Secrets. In the end, you complete a final assessment and celebrate the transition you have accomplished.

Download or view PDF online of sample chapters and foreword from the link above. Or, buy it now from Amazon.

Praise for I Am A Retired Athlete... What Now?


“I just really felt like I was on my own. I would’ve felt quite a load off to have a mentor, it would have been a huge help. You are doing such needed work. There are so many out there that would benefit from your work. I wish I had it. Thank you Janae.”

Mary Lou Retton
USA Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast, Top 10 most admired public figure

“This book is essential for the athlete transitioning into the next phase of his or her life. Whether the end of a sports career was voluntary or involuntary, many athletes are left with questions and uncertainty. This book is an easy-to-navigate, step by step guide to allow you to understand who you truly are and what will guide the next phase of your life. Janae Whittaker Ali is candid with her fears, frustrations, and future questions. You are not alone as you navigate, “What’s Next?”. Janae will make you feel like you are taking this journey together by giving you a chance to reflect and create viable solutions to your future.”

Tracey (Larson) Arndt
USA Field Hockey

“The best-kept secret in sports is that most athletes don’t know how hard life can be when the glory days end. It’s a frightening circumstance – one that often leads to despair and devastation -- but Janae Whittaker Ali has created an essential tool for helping people answer such difficult questions. The beauty of this book isn’t that it simply details the problems associated with life after sports. The true benefit is that it offers valuable solutions for those former athletes moving into the real world.”

Jeffri Chadiha senior writer and “E:60” correspondent

"This book fills an important piece of the puzzle that is rarely dealt with and Janae Whitaker Ali is the perfect person to fill that void.  Her experience, insight, and inspiration can help retiring athletes from all sports take the lessons they’ve learned and give them big success outside of sport.  It is a must-read for any athlete making the transition. Thank you Janae for writing this book, all of us get to experience the rewards when these athletes give their gifts in life! "

Alison Arnold Ph.D.
Founder Head Games Sports